Health care system or sick care system?

The former acting Surgeon General of the United States said that:

‘the U.S.A. does not have a healthcare system, we have a sick care system’.

His point is applicable to most western societies where we seem to consume so much that not only are we individually sick but our environment is also sick.  

Surely what we need is to design a healthy society that incorporates safe routes to school, clean air, clean water, cities that are designed to promote physical fitness and mental health.

Living in Scotland is a privilege because by and large we live in a “healthy society” but lots more could be achieved and will be as we move toward achieving our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals you can find out what Scotland is doing here.  

But, given that achieving a healthy society globally has been agreed, why are we not hearing more about the obvious need to radically cut global meat production and consumption?   This study from 2005, is just one of many that lays out the clear implications to our individual and public health as a result of meat consumption.  

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