Sleeping baby means…Mum snacks….


After a wonderful ten days with Mum, I am back to a more normal routine with Milne.  Lots of feeding, walking, decaf coffees and baking.  Milne has started to nap in the morning and in the afternoon for about 90 minutes (most of the time!) which gives me some time to potter around the house, read and cook.  As much as I love my time with awake Milne I also really enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time too while still being close to her.

However, all this extra time is bad for my tendency to snack.  Once I have polished off my smoothie I start raiding the cupboards – eating everything, even things I don’t really like!!!

So this week I am making a conscious effort to snack well during the day.  My go-to snack is smashed avocado with a little bit of vinegar and salt – it keeps me super full and satisfied.  

What are your favourite healthy day time snacks?

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