Milne’s asleep…now what?

When Milne first arrived I felt like I was constantly feeding and changing nappies and as soon as she drifted off for a little nap I was catching up on daily housework.  Now it’s totally different, she is really active in the morning and loves watching me potter around cleaning and working out while talking to her.  Between 10-11 am she sleeps and it gives me around an hour to get on with something else before she’s awake and is full of beans again.  It’s similar in the afternoon although usually she naps in her carrier while I go for a three or four mile walk.

As a result of Milne’s regular sleeping habits I now have a load more time to myself.  It would be so easy to reach straight for my laptop and binge watch series on Netflix or youtube videos but I am keen that I use my time more productively.  This week I have set goals to read more, get all our christmas gifts wrapped and start planning our first family holiday for next summer.  I am also making a more conscious effort to take some time out to just RELAX- something I find really difficult to do.  

After a super busy year with university, work and pregnancy – some time out is exactly what I need.  So this week I am feeling quite content to sit on the sofa with a sleeping baby in my arms taking a moment or two to soak her in.  She’s changing so quickly and I want to remember everything.

And in case you hadn’t  guessed…she’s asleep right now!


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