Getting out of a health slump…

If you follow me over on Instagram you will know that I LOVE moving my body and getting outdoors, especially with Andrew and Milne in tow.  However, the past couple of weeks exercising and eating well have become more of a ‘chore’ than an eagerly anticipated activity.

There could be many reasons for this; I reached my pre-pregnancy weight (so what’s the point in keeping up my fitness levels?), we’ve had family visiting and we have been visiting family and with that eating lots of bread and biscuits, all my meals and smoothies taste the same and probably the biggest reason – Milne is so much more active and aware and playing with her all day is a much nicer prospect than forcing down ANOTHER kale smoothie or a sluggish workout.


None of these are really good reasons for getting bored and fed up of exercise and eating well.  Moving my body is “must do” for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and nourishing my body is essential both for me and for Milne who is still predominantly breastfed.  So this week I am looking at my current habits and re-thinking how to make them a fun part of my normal day.  Here’s what I am going to try over the next few weeks:

  1. Moving my body in a fun and meaningful way: I want to move my body in a way that strengthens my body and aids my running.  To do this I am following workouts from some of my favourite fitness bloggers- you can find plenty of videos on Youtube.  I am also adding music and getting Milne involved in my at home workouts to make them fun and exciting.
  2. Enjoying creating new food and smoothie combinations: instead of it being a chore to put together a smoothie I am enjoying choosing and putting together ingredients to make super tasty and nourishing snacks.  This is extra fun just now as Milne is able to discover exciting new flavours every day with me!


  1. Running with Milne:  now that she is six months old I am able to make good use of our Thule Urban Glide (running) Pram – discovering new running routes that are easier to take my wee one on is SO much fun.

Thule Urban Glide – Jogging Stroller- Mars

  1. Daily Yoga:  I have been doing the Do You Yoga free 30 day trial and I am loving it, Milne can join in too if I adapt some moves and it is a refreshing way to start the day together.
  2. Dancing:  watching Milne watch me move has inspired me to move my body because it feels amazing to do so and not just to lose weight or get a six pack.  She loves silly dances to silly songs so I am embracing moving my body to the music and getting big belly laughs from my little monkey.

These are just a few of the ways I am getting out of my health slump for a healthier and happier March.



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