Can you believe it?

Weight Watchers are offering free memberships to 13-17 year olds (they need parental permission)   This is because the projected obesity rates for young people today are astronomical and with that comes a wide range of obesity related diseases including: diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers and heart disease.

Is it seriously a consideration that calorie counting and public weigh ins are the answer to our current teenage obesity epidemic?   How successful are diet clubs really?  I know many women who attend them and guess what – they just put the weight back on – which is great for the club because they thrive, obviously on their members NOT sustaining a healthy weight loss.  Additionally, to my  mind, they also encourage yo yo disordered eating exactly what you don’t want in teenagers.

In the last few weeks I have been boring everyone with my research into foods that will make Milne healthy, happy and strong and which foods will leave her undernourished.  It seems (duh!) that giving her an abundance of fresh and in season fruits and vegetables along with beans and lentils will make her super healthy!

It is not hard to come by this information, so why is it so onerous for parents to simply feed their kids well? Is it because they are lazy, stupid or simply don’t care about their young un’s?  No of course not – perhaps they think they are being kind, giving “treats”.

The truth is that whether it is the parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles providing the rubbish food all they are doing is storing up a lifetime of ill health and undernourishment for their kids future.

In fact, a recent study found that children who are receiving childcare from Grandparents have increased likelihood of becoming obese as they grow older – those “little” treats just become extremely big “threats” later on.  

We need to make better choices for our little folk, they just can’t make those choices themselves, and set them up for a healthier life nourished by all the good stuff.





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