Dance like Milne’s watching…

Who else got a little bit of cabin fever over the past week?  The snow was lovely but it really does stop you getting on with your usual activities.  In saying that I did get out on one “blizzardy” mega fun run as well as managing lots of super sweaty workouts and yoga every day – and sledging for the first time in many years!  

However I am super pleased to be back to full action this week starting with a 5k run with Milne in her Thule Running Pram (thanks Mum!) and a session of swimming with our little monkey splashing around everywhere which thoroughly tired us all out.

I often find myself feeling under a bit of pressure to be super productive during the day even if it is just keeping up with the housework, with a six month old, it sometimes feels like I have been on the go ALL day by the time Andrew walks through the door at teatime.  So this week I am trying to relax a little with Milne and take some time for ourselves without any fast paced activities. So lots of gentle runs, meditation, yoga in our playroom and of course; lots of dancing around the kitchen together.


I love putting some music on when we are waiting for Andrew to come home and really letting go and letting my body move to the music – sometimes with Milne on my hip and other times with her watching and laughing from the sofa or her high chair – either way it’s the perfect way to unwind and chill out at the end of a busy day.  So, this week my goal is to dance every morning and every evening just as if Milne is watching, well… she really is!




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