Where have I been?

It’s been…a while. I am excited to be back on Falda Eats, and thinking up some great new content for our followers. 2018 was definitely the busiest year yet. My little one is growing super fast and is more lovely every day…the last six months has seen her start walking, saying a few words and taking after her mum and running everywhere she can, climbing and filling herself up with nutritious, colourful and tasty food.

While I have been busy being Mum, I have also been busy professionally, as the end of maternity leave approached I made the decision not to go back to work and with some help from Jilly and Mum I started my own business, Mafalda Media,a social media management agency and we have been super busy and I have started working with some super new clients…2019 is looking to be a busy one for work. You can follow us here.


Me and Jilly also started our own Blog, Vegan Dundee, a great excuse for ever more coffee and cake with my best friend. You can find us here

Mum has been busy setting up home in the South of France and recovering from a few injuries which have stopped her running…she’s getting geared up for a healthy and happy new year and you can expect to see monthly updates from her on what she is up to in the sunshine next year…with an exciting project or two…

See you next year…



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