Bonne nouvelle année from Mum in France…

Happy New Year to everyone.  I am very excited that Falda Eats is back and I hope I can make some useful contributions to the blog.  As Falda explained I am happy setting up home and life in France in the  Nouvelle-Aquitaine, region, on the doorstep of the  Pyrenees.  It is a truly extraordinary location and I am extremely lucky to live here AND make my visits to beautiful Scotland so see my wonderful family and friends.


My attempts to learn French have led me to the local university where I have made friends with an incredible eclectic group of people from all around the world and currently I attend a local social centre with an equally amazing group of people including many refugees and migrants often fleeing from persecution or violence and all seeking a better life.  I hope to share some of their stories in later posts as well as my stop start progress with the French language – it can be something of a devil!

I also signed up for an “International Certificate” in Human Ecology.  It is extremely challenging because it is taught and assessed in French and just before Christmas I sat my first exam in decades – in French!  Okay I was allowed to use my computer, but in was still in French which is just as well as I find that my ability with spelling and dyslexic tendencies are equally apparent in other languages.  In later posts I would like to share my thoughts on the subject of “Ecologie Humaine” as I progress with the course.

My foot injury continues, which is extremely frustrating as I realise that I used running to maintain my weight.  I have had to investigate other ways to manage my diet in a sustainable and healthy way.   I have been investigating vegan KETO eating as it seems a fairly sensible and non calorie counting approach to sustainable health and I plan to combine it with intermittent fasting – I am seeking a way to quickly get rid of and keep off the (40) pounds I have put on in the last 18 months.  And who knows, maybe in a few months I will be able to run again.  I will post my progress and if anyone is interested to join me for support let me know as I will need all the enthusiasm I can find.

à bientôt Susan


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