Clear space, clear mind… Minimalist Mum

My friends and family all know that I’m a bit of a minimalist…I hate any form of clutter, everything has its ‘right’ place and when my organised systems in our home are a little off, my head really descends into chaos…sort of.


Although I am becoming more able (prepared) to let people help me organise and even though I am not AS ruthless with my decluttering our apartment is full of noisy, kids toys.  It is true that I thrive at home and in work in an emptier space.  I like muted colours – grey, white, black and the very very occasional dusty pink.

Running my own business from home in open plan living has proved challenging for my normal strict clutter free space head, all of a sudden I have notebooks, pens, paper, business cards, technology and client products cluttering my area.   So this month I am working on finding a nice balance between our living space and my office space (the end of the dining room table) and generally keeping on top of organisation in our home to ensure a relaxed working environment for me and a relaxed home environment for us three.

Here are my top tips for going into the new year with the aim of minimising…

1.        One in, one out:  I’m pretty sure in my wardrobe I have all the clothing I need with multiple coats, shoes, jumpers, sports wear, underwear, a good pairs of jeans and couple of nice T-Shirts.  So when I am browsing in town and find something I really like I have a rule that if something new comes into my wardrobe something must go out (donated to a local charity, or recycled)…basically I don’t generally  purchase anything I don’t need because something else has to leave and I love all my clothing!
2.        If in doubt…chuck it out:  Ok, so this is stolen from my Mum who is something of a minimalist herself these days…fitting the majority of her belongings into just two boxes stored in Scotland and the rest in one rucksack. I follow this rule when purchasing anything new, if I a not 100% sure of it then It ain’t coming home with me.
3.        Baskets:  having a clear space to work and relax in can be challenging when you are surrounded by what can seem like the endless toys of a 17 month old…so I have some strategically placed baskets around our home to make sure that clean up time is quick and easy…I bought these in TK MAXX.



4.        Stuff doesn’t make me happy: People do.  When I’m feeling a little down or not great about myself it is not time to buy something new to cheer myself up.  I would rather spend that time and money (or not) doing something with my wee family which always makes me feel SO much better.

Living a more minimalist life is such a relief…nothing to clutter my home or clutter my head.


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