Bla Bla Bla.. Mum’s top tips on learning French

I am coming to Scotland this week for a short stay and I can’t wait, for the very obvious reasons of seeing Milne, Falda and Grandpa (and the rest).  We will be four generations together again for a couple of days.  I am looking forward to a birthday tea, a canter around the V&A, teas and coffees with missed friends and a whole lot of toddler fun.

Getting to Scotland at this time of year is not too expensive money wise (I know – it’s a whole other story environmentally) and it is not slow either.  If I leave home at six am I will be in Dundee by 14:30 assuming no delays.  And it is fun making this journey mostly because I rely on Bla Bla Cars this end to get the to and from Toulouse Airport.

I love Bla Bla Cars because it is like opening the proverbial chocolate box and never knowing what you are going to find.  The system runs, as far as I know, on the same technology as Air B & B and is equally peer reviewed.  I book a car going my way or as near as possible, agree a pick up time and place – and just turn up.

So far, after about 20 or so rides I can only report super good experiences.  I have been collected and deposited on time and the great fun is meeting the other passengers because you never know who they are going to be.  From teenagers to octogenarians, professionals, students and even a shepherdess there is never a shortage of lively conversation and it is almost always in French – I used to consider the other passengers victims to my very poor French but nowadays not so much.  I can almost always understand all the conversation and usually take part (even on sleepy early mornings).

So one of my top tips for learning French:  travel the length and breadth of France using Bla Bla Cars.  A couple of weeks in and you will have dramatically uncovered your real ability at languages.  And additionally you will have discovered big cities and little hideaways, enjoyed some great scenery and gained a big bunch of new contacts and friends.

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