New fitness challenges…

Last week I turned 25 and although I don’t really feel any different, I am using this age as a new motivation for the healthiest year yet. Starting with my first ever PT session.

If you have followed me for a while you will know I am really into my long distance running and interval strength training. However, over a busy festive period and a summer with achilles tendinitis following the Leiden Marathon in May, I have lost a bit of motivation and I can see this in my running ability and changes in my body.

After putting on and losing 60-70lbs during pregnancy, I had been feeling great but with no gains and no real changes to running ability towards the end of the year, I was desperate to get that motivation back and start treating my body better. So, when the opportunity came up for a a few personal training sessions I jumped at it. Today was my first session and it was fantastic, I met the trainer and he assessed my fitness and we tried a few things…I will be back next Monday to see the plan he has formulated for me and to start work.

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