Hello again…

It’s been awhile since I last posted, the past few weeks have been super busy and ridiculously wonderful.  Milne is growing so fast and doing so many exciting new things – like pulling herself up, standing unaided (ok, for maybe just 5 seconds, but still!) I thought I would give you a wee update on what we are up to and what we are going to be getting up to…


March has flown by, we started off with LOTS of snow days for Andrew which meant A LOT of fun for the three of us and some sledging.  It was Andrews birthday at the start of the month and we had a wonderful weekend celebrating. If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I have signed up for my next marathon in Leiden on May 27th – really not long to go – so I have been ramping up the training this month and getting out on some longer runs.


We have also discovered a new favourite pastime – swimming!  Milne loves water and we are having such lovely mornings splashing around in the water together.  Unfortunately our yoga teacher is on holiday for six weeks so we have been practicing at home instead and I completed a 30 day yoga challenge which left me feeling refreshed and chilled every morning!


Last week we took a trip to Grandpa which was a perfect few days of running, walks and really good food.  We are looking forward to a few days with Granny next month and a fun filled Easter weekend with my little sister.    I am going to be whipping up a few things from the How Not to Die Cookbook which is definitely worth checking out for some delicious and VERY nutritious food.

The How Not To Die Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease

For now, its an early night with our wee one who has just eaten all her peas and sweet potato before bath and bedtime.



Feeding Milne…bananas

At almost six months old Milne has been exclusively breast fed up to now.  NHS  Scotland recommends that babies should be at least half a year old before they are introduced to solids, you can find their reasoning here.

So what to feed her?

We have found some helpful information for weaning a vegan baby onto solids which I will share below.  

28034514_10212348963702786_2008053383_oGiven that Milne is a super curious baby anyway we have been showing her lots of different fruits and veggies so she can feel and smell them.  However we are starting her off nicely with mashed bananas.  On-going I will share with you her weaning journey, what foods work and those that we find don’t – I am guessing there will be various reasons.  

I have just un-boxed my baby Nutribullet and we are looking forward to using it to whip up lots of tastes for our little monkey.

To follow the fun you can find me on youtube here and instagram here..



Check this out from the First Steps Nutrition Trust

Check this out for information on your baby’s first solid food. 

Check out this information on Forks over Knifes.

Fake news and the unenlightened

I listened to a great interview the other day on radio 4 with an author who thinks we are in danger of becoming an “unenlightened” society.  As a Scot this seems really depressing because of course Scotland was the home of the Enlightenment period.

Despite having unprecedented access to vast information resources it seems that folk need to be more careful than ever believing what they read – “fake news” has made that pretty obvious.

When I make my decisions about the food I consume I check the facts and claims made. I read research papers – okay not always the whole thing but usually the abstract and I also trust some substantial organisations such as the World Health Organisation.  I think the main point is to trust your source – and I do trust mine which is why I can make informed decisions about my health – mostly!

Take a look at our resource page for ideas to start your research.

A wonderful weekend…


What a wonderful weekend!

Making good use of our new National Trust Membership we took a trip to The House of Dun in Angus for a beautiful riverside walk – It was amazing.  With Milne strapped to Andrew and wrapped up cosy in her Ergo Baby Carrier, we we were able to take a relaxing walk and enjoy some Autumn sunshine.  For more information about The House of Dun or the National Trust Scotland membership, look here.

On Sunday I completed my goal run – 10k, ten weeks after giving birth!  It set me up for the new week, feeling fast and strong.

This week I have my graduation and Mum is coming to stay with us and joining us at the ceremony.  I can’t wait to spend some time with her and Milne in Dundee, she is going to notice a big difference in Milne’s size that’s for sure.

Hopefully I can also get mum back running, she has had plantar fascia and is pretty fed up with not getting out for her daily miles.  If you have any ideas on how to speed up fixing this kind of injury let me know!

Ergobaby baby carrier collection 360 (5.5 – 15 kg), Dusty Blue

Ten weeks…

It’s almost ten weeks since Milne arrived and and without a doubt they have been the most wonderful ten weeks.  Every day she is changing – getting bigger, longer, more curious and more alert.  It is an amazing privilege to be able to watch her develop and grow so quickly.  

However, a lot has changed in the past ten weeks which I really wasn’t prepared for. It’s not the big things that have really changed but the little every day bits and pieces I was so used to doing on my own; taking the bin out ( to do this Milne needs to come down two flights of stairs and out to our bin store), going for a long shower – Milne now has a little bouncy seat which I position just outside the (open) bathroom door so I can see her while showering. ‘Nipping’ to Tesco is a past activity.  Now it means taking the time to strap Milne to me and taking a change of clothes, nappies and wipes.

There are hundreds of little things that I have modified so I can do them while caring for a baby.  Although it can be sometimes frustrating, learning to get on with day to day life with her has been wonderful – and everything is so much lovelier with her by my side.  Here are some of my favourite activities to do with her.

Walking: I use my Ergo Baby carrier to make walking with Milne easy – we can literally walk for miles and miles while she snoozes on my chest.  She’s happy and I’m happy.  We usually stop somewhere for a hot drink and so I can breastfeed!

Ergobaby baby carrier collection 360 (5.5 – 15 kg), Dusty Blue

Reading: There is nothing I love more than curling up on the sofa with her and reading aloud- at this age I can read any book I want to her, but I have loved re-reading my old favourites.  We have also been a long to Book Bug at my local library where we are learning rhymes and reading books with a few dance moves!

Dancing:  A few weeks ago I discovered how much Milne likes to watch me dance- I have been putting on fast music and doing silly dances in front of her- she seems to love this and so do I.  We can also dance together along to nursery rhymes.


Exciting News…

This year falda_eats has partnered up with Dunbar Morley Associates to bring you Fitness and Wellbeing retreats.  

This winter, Dunbar Morley Associates will be hosting a series of wellness and fitness courses, including: healthy plant based weeks in the sun, a yoga for beginners retreat and health and happiness week with special guest Dr Nicola McNally.

Available winter 2017/18, keep an eye out for more exciting information.  Keep up to date on Instagram and Facebook.


A hard but wonderful week…

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have been super busy.  Mum is back from Spain which is lovely.  Lithy has been staying with us for the past three weeks which means I have my favourite walking, talking and watching buddy by my side.  And I am in the final few weeks of my degree (PHEW).

Mums Home!!!

It has also been a really difficult few weeks – sometimes it’s ok to feel really teary and overwhelmed especially at almost seven months pregnant!

Reasons last week was hard:

  1. Until Friday night I had not slept more than two hours consecutively for around 6 days (something which apparently affects almost 80% of pregnant woman!)
  2. I have just two weeks until exams and less than one week until my extended assignment is due – not a lot of time!
  3. Work was a struggle due to all of the above.
  4. Everything makes me teary (mostly because of the lack of sleep)
Hello Third Trimester!

Reasons last week was blooming fabulous:

  1. Officially in my third trimester it’s now under 11 weeks until my due date!!  Lack of sleep for a healthy happy baby is a super small price to pay.
  2. 4th year is almost finished and (hopefully) I will soon graduate.
  3. Despite the tiredness  I managed work – no bother!
  4. Most of the week was spent with my wonderful husband and sister.
  5. Another week running regularly done – despite thinking I was going to give up at around 18 weeks.
  6. Monday was my  two year wedding anniversary – the most wonderful two years.
  7. We finally picked a pram which I can use for running too (thanks mum!)
  8. My Nutri Bullet broke so I bought a brand new Nutri Ninja!!
Two years married to the most wonderful guy 🙂

My happy and healthy green juice of the week:

2 Celery Sticks


Juice of one Lemon

½ Grapefruit

1 Frozen avocado


My body is perfect…and so is yours.

This morning I watched a youtube video which discussed body confidence and referred to self love.  I am a huge advocate of both.  The health benefits both physically and mentally of embracing and looking after your body are essential to health and happiness.  However, what I was hugely disappointed by was the statement that your body is meant to be ‘imperfect’ or comments such as ‘your arms are meant to hug’.

I am irritated by these comments because not only do they validate the idea that our bodies are imperfect and that’s how they are meant to be but also because it is simply untrue.  My body is perfect not because how it looks aesthetically but because of its ability to meet my physical needs.  My eyebrows and eyelashes are not perfect because they are waxed or extended but because they keep dirt and sweat out of my eyes.  My arms and legs have not evolved so that I can hug my husband (although that is a bonus) they are long and strong so I can use them as tools – my legs are strong and lean and allow me to get from A to B and my arms so that I can use them as tools be it in cooking, lifting, holding, or breaking my fall.  My body is perfect because it has evolved over millions of years to be useful.

With the pressures of our society, maintaining this is difficult.  My body is not required to work as hard as my ancestors – I can take the bus, pull my suitcase on wheels, I buy my food from the supermarket without need to scavenge for it.  My body often feels underused.  Of course, this is the case for many bodies and probably why so many people are gaining such substantial amounts of weight – not only are our foods calorie laden and nutrient lacking, we also have no need to use our bodies physically.   It is therefore paramount to use my body to ensure that it remains strong and useful to me.  In pregnancy, I have seen the importance of having a strong and nourished body, with so many changes to my size and the aches and pains as a result not to mention the changes in my hormones I can appreciate the need for a strong body to cope with and thrive on these changes.  Not least, a fit and healthy body which will help me care for my baby once it arrives.



My body is perfect because it keeps the dirt from eyes, because I can run for 26 miles, because it tells me when I’m tired or hungry and because not only can my body  carry a child I can feed and nourish my baby from it.

A body is not perfect because of how it looks, a body is perfect because it is strong, resilient and nourished.  Be kind to your body: use it and nourish it.  

Mum has a makeover…

Mum had a fantastic day with Kimberley in the Spanish sun having a make-over. Anyone who knows mum, knows this is not a usual happening for her but she really enjoyed it and she loved the product line Younique.  
Sarah, Kimberly’s friend is a Younique presenter and did the duo their fab makeovers, pointing out the flaws in mum’s non existent face protection regime in the sun.
Mum liked the concept of the Younique company which aims to empower women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents giving real help and support and hope for their futures
Not only is Younique an empowering direct sales company, with a low entry fee, it pays good commission, the products are, mum understands,  largely vegan  and from mums own admission “the make up feels really good”.
So if you are interested in the products or becoming a representative get in touch directly with Sarah on facebook.
I think both mum and Kimberley were looking pretty good before their makeover but what stunners they were after – thanks to Sarah and her great products!

Travel, Food and Ikea…

After a marvelous trip to the Netherlands visiting Tom and Olivia where I had a great time enjoying their company and good food  I am delighted to be home and relaxed again with Andrew.    That’s it for the next while, no more trips just calmness and preparing for the baby – IKEA is involved.

This week I will also be returning to yoga and focusing on good nutritious clean foods.  My running is slowing down a bit, however it’s no problem as I am walking and carrying on with some strengthening exercises.  All in all I am feeling pretty good!

Here is last Monday’s menu.  Seems a lot but I am filling my boots!


1 Green Smoothie (kale, spinach, celery, grapefruit, apple and lemon )

1 Bowl of porridge with chia seeds and frozen raspberries

Morning Snack

1 Handful of red grapes

1 Handful of Almonds


1 Carrot and ⅓ Cucumber with Hummus

1 Couscous Food doctor Pot

1 Piece of vegan carrot cake!!

Afternoon snack

1 Handful of Almonds

1 Handful of Red Grapes


3 Bean Chili with rice and rude health (vegan) creme fraiche

Evening Snack

Leftover homemade apple crumble with almond yogurt.