Fitness after pregnancy…and my favourite new product!


It’s the start of a new week and I am feeling happy and refreshed after a happy weekend with family.  We spent Saturday in St Andrews with a visit to the Botanical Gardens and Sunday was a lazy morning at Cairnie Fruit Farm and we even came home with two punnets of fresh strawberries!


Yesterday marked seven weeks since I gave birth and it has been the fastest time of my life.  Spending time with my little one has been wonderful, most of my time has been spent soaking up every moment with her alongside lots of decaf coffees, long walks with my Ergo Baby carrier and lots and lots of feeds for my fast growing baby.

If you follow me on Instagram you will also know that I have been upping my fitness levels for the past five weeks; running 3-4 times a week and daily workouts.   My body feels completely different from its pre-pregnancy state but I am loving getting into great shape while getting strong.

Here’s my top tips for getting back to a regularly exercise routine after giving birth – always remember to get cleared by your doctor before hitting the gym or track!

Hydrate:  This is especially important if you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure you don’t get dehydrated.  I make sure I always have a glass of water by my side while nursing, this also keeps me feeling fresh!

Slow Down: Work slowly at getting back to your pre-pregnancy routine – there is no rush.  

Have Fun:  Running is pretty much the only time I spend away from my baby, so if I wasn’t enjoying it, it would not be worth it.  Make sure the exercise you are doing is fun and sweaty so you don’t get bored!

Embrace:  Embrace your changed body – you have just carried a baby for nine months and now you are using it to care for your baby – look after it and love it for the wonderful work it is doing.


Following pregnancy and birth I have also realised the importance of taking some time out for me – 15 minutes to read a book in the bath, an evening run or just a hot cup of tea and a magazine. It is important to make some time just for you to relax so you are raring to go for another day or night with your little one.

This week has also seen the launch of Blushberry Botanicals, offering a new and beautifully designed range of lip balms that are available to buy online.  They are fab, they look and feel great and if you are like me and don’t go anywhere without a lip balm these are a perfect vegan alternative to vaseline and chapsticks!

Getting my 10 a day…


When I start my day with my favourite big green smoothie I am getting at least four of my 10 portions of fruit of veg into me right at the start.

(10 portions is the recommendations from a new study led by Imperial College London)

By lunchtime I will have added at least another two, snacking on an apple or carrots with maybe a veg filled burrito or hearty vegetable soup (or both) at lunch – another two added.

Homeward bound I might go for a mango before my run and then I will polish of a huge salad with dinner maybe with falafel or veg sausages, a further three or more.

So on an average day I easily eat at least 12 portions of fruit and vegetables.  Add to this my daily portions of beans, lentils, rice and nuts and I just don’t usually have space left in me to worry about eating sugary or fatty stuff.

But if I wanted to I would because for one, I am human and just sometimes I want to, two I am pregnant and have cravings and three, well sometimes there is a celebration like a birthday or wedding or just a night out and less healthy foods are available and I don’t want to say “no thanks”.

The balance of my diet is firmly in the “well healthy” quadrant – what about yours?

Mum has started a new blog check it out here.

This week she is talking about the sustainability of the foods served in schools and hospitals.


The complexity of protein…


The story with protein is complex.  It is easy to read that you need 42g or 55g or 70g of protein each day.  Try as we might we can’t quite get a definitive calculation on the amounts that a body might need but we know for sure that a most important consideration is that you consume essential amino acids from a variety of sources.  Your body will produce non essential amino acids and if you are sick or vulnerable in some way you may need additional “conditional” amino acids.

We are not specialists in the field of protein consumption.   However, we have found some useful and credible nutrition sources that know what they are talking about so you can inform yourself of your own needs.    

  • The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) publication on amino acid requirements in adults is very helpful – the summary is on page 149!  
  • You could also use this handy calculator that will give you some estimate on your protein requirement.
  • And this source seems quite sensible as well
  • We most like Nutrition Facts run by Dr Michael Greger


As vegans we have to pay some healthy attention to protein AND so that we can respond to the criticisms from non vegans that we don’t consume enough protein.  To be honest many meat and animal product eaters don’t get sufficient amounts of protein at the right levels and quality either.  Munching up a fat laden, hormone injected meat burger is not a healthy option even if it supplies some protein!

We at Falda_Eats like to – eat!  So the way we see it is this:

Eat a whole bunch of different foods and as much as you want to cover all your protein needs and never be hungry or fat and have loads of energy to ensure that you can be as active as you want – It is simple.  See our protein food list below.

And if you want some proof that you can be a high performing vegan athlete, for whom the right levels of protein is essential check out these guys performing at top levels across every discipline.

Mum’s high protein breakfast:  Avocado on toast with garlic mushrooms

One slice of seeded bread toasted and spread with half an avocado covered in 4-6 sliced mushrooms sauted in water, garlic and a pinch of salt.

Protein content approx 10g


Foods to cover the essential amino acid bases

seaweed, pumpkin, peas and pea protein, whole grain rice, sesame seeds, watercress, turnip greens, soy, sunflower seeds, kidney beans, figs, avocados, raisins, dates, apples, blueberries, olives and even bananas, rye, cashews, almonds, oats, lentils, cabbage, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spinach, sunflower seeds, cranberries, quinoa, apples, and kiwis, watercress, spirulina, parsley, avocados, cashews, chickpeas, brazil nuts, wheat, figs, onions, cacao, leafy greens, berries, olives, and seeds, sprouted grains, asparagus, mushrooms, all lettuces, leafy greens, winter squash, celery, peppers, carrots, chickpeas, onions, apples, oranges, bananas, quinoa, lentils, and peas, blueberries, cranberries, oranges, and apricots, cantaloupe, hemp seeds, chia seeds, buckwheat, potatoes, cauliflower and corn.

From the team at falda_eats.


Vegan beauty: An interview with White Rabbit Skincare…

On Saturday Dundee hosted its first ever Vegan Festival with huge success check it out here.

I got the chance to meet Melanie from White Rabbit Skin Care  , a co-sponsor for the event.  Ahead of the festival I had an electronic interview with Melanie about her product range and I was lucky enough to try White Rabbit It’s all about M.E  Night Cream It is amazing !  I have really sensitive skin and find it hard to find any creams that don’t result in dry or itchy skin, but this was amazing and I can’t wait to use it every night- get yours here.


We love your products, what drove you to create a skincare brand?

I was diagnosed with the skin condition psoriasis as a teenager (after initially being misdiagnosed with scabies…!), and the idea of using creams prescribed by the doctors (which are normally steroid/paraffin wax based, as well as being tested on animals) did not appeal to me at all, so I started researching natural, cruelty free alternatives.

I started out using simple ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil, and then, after receiving a ‘make your own skincare’ book, I progressed to making actual skincare products, such as lip balms, body butters and so on. And the rest, as they say, is history!

I figured that what better way to guarantee the origins, ingredients and cruelty free status of a product than to make it myself?!

Why Vegan?

Why not?! Plant based ingredients are packed with so many nutrients and skin-beneficial vitamins and minerals – and don’t harm any animals or insects in the process. Moreover, the process to obtain such ingredients is often a lot more environmentally friendly and ‘clean’ than animal/insect-derived ingredients such as beeswax.

You’ve been busy at vegan festivals this year, what sort of reaction have you had to your products?

It’s genuinely been amazing, and so positive. I love that people want to help smaller businesses/brands by buying products such as our skincare range, and it’s so lovely to be part of a strong community of like-minded people – both customers and fellow businesses alike.

What’s your go to food for healthy, happy skin?

At the moment, it’s seaweed, believe it or not! I’ve discovered a Scottish company, Mara Seaweed, who harvest and priocess it themselves and sell it as a powder, which can be sprinkled over everything, from porridge to soup, making it a lot more palatable (I struggle with whole sheets of seaweed sometimes!). The benefits of seaweed are nearly too many to mention, but it is bursting with vitamins and minerals including iodine, calcium and potassium.

This year we are encouraging people to by sustainable and cruelty free products for christmas gifts.  What would you recommend  from your line?

I have a real soft-spot for our Chocolate Orange Lip balm – it makes the perfect stocking filler! I would also recommend our It’s All About M.E. Night Cream – not only does it help your skin, but it also benefits a charitable cause, with £1.00 from every pot sold donated to the ME Association.


What’s your favourite vegan snack right now?

Not very original, but…chocolate! Whoever said you can’t be vegan and eat chocolate clearly hasn’t experienced Vego or iChoc or spreads like the Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut spread! I also highly, highly recommend the Aldi Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Yum!

Finally, how can we help you spread the word of you luxury cruelty free vegan products?

Please do come and say hello and (please) follow on our social media, and word of mouth recommendations to friends/family is a HUGE help – we always get SO excited when someone says “Oh I’ve heard about you…”

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