Getting out of an exercise slump…

Getting back to a normal fitness routine after giving birth was a new challenge, my body has changed a lot and in the last four months I have watched those pregnancy pounds disappear – which is great.  However my routine was becoming really repetitive and I stopped looking forward to workouts and even tried to avoid them.

So over the past three weeks I changed up my workouts and turned them into quick 20 minute blasts which change daily.  Adding in star jumps to keep Milne entertained.  I have not only seen results physically but I am waking up excited to get a sweat on.

These short blasts are perfect when I’m at home with Milne,  she loves watching while I sweat.  I will be posting next week’s workouts over on instagram.


Don’t shoot the messenger!

The results are in and there is no doubt now that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with diet – why not get the job done quicker by following a vegan diet for an extra boost of health and to help stop cruelty to animals and sabotaging the earth!

How I beat type 2 diabetes with a liquid diet



Making Milne laugh…

It’s been a good few weeks since Milne burst out her first proper laugh, one which could not be mistaken for wind!  Her laughter is the most wonderful sound we have ever heard – and even after endlessly dancing, making funny faces and playing peek-a-boo – not to mention the mountain of videos we have taken trying to capture it – her laugh just won’t got old!

BUT she is definitely making us work harder to hear it.  I am often spending my mornings trying to entertain our lovely little one and searching for new ways to occupy her fast developing mind, sometimes peek-a-boo just doesn’t cut it.

Our home visitor did give us a book of exercises suitable for different ages throughout her first year, but we need to mix it up and bit to get more of those super big belly laughs. This morning fifty star jumps did the trick!


If you have any fun ways to get your wee ones chuckling let me know over on Instagram.



The dress that changed my life…

Three years ago Andrew and I were invited to his colleagues wedding.  We were newly engaged and on cloud nine.  I was so excited to attend the wedding and show off my engagement ring.  It was also a chance to wear the blue lace Zara dress I had snapped up in the summer sales just three months before.  Just before the wedding I was spending a day with mum and I decided to try on the dress to see what she thought of it.  To my horror the dress that had fit so perfectly that summer no longer went over my arms and in some parts my body was actually pressing out of the lace!

That night I went for my first run in about two years with my Mum which led to me to taking part and finishing the Rome marathon just four months later along with my super hero mum and friend Izzy.

I’m not saying that fitting into the dress was the most important thing in the world, what was important was seeing how just a few weeks of stuffing myself with beer, chips and fizzy drinks had affected my body and ultimately my health.  

Not fitting into that dress resulted in me and mum training for and running a marathon together – one the most rewarding experiences of my life and has led me toward my current path of good physical and mental health.

I have since worn the dress on various occasions and felt amazing.  It really did change my life (sort of).




Fitness after pregnancy…and my favourite new product!


It’s the start of a new week and I am feeling happy and refreshed after a happy weekend with family.  We spent Saturday in St Andrews with a visit to the Botanical Gardens and Sunday was a lazy morning at Cairnie Fruit Farm and we even came home with two punnets of fresh strawberries!


Yesterday marked seven weeks since I gave birth and it has been the fastest time of my life.  Spending time with my little one has been wonderful, most of my time has been spent soaking up every moment with her alongside lots of decaf coffees, long walks with my Ergo Baby carrier and lots and lots of feeds for my fast growing baby.

If you follow me on Instagram you will also know that I have been upping my fitness levels for the past five weeks; running 3-4 times a week and daily workouts.   My body feels completely different from its pre-pregnancy state but I am loving getting into great shape while getting strong.

Here’s my top tips for getting back to a regularly exercise routine after giving birth – always remember to get cleared by your doctor before hitting the gym or track!

Hydrate:  This is especially important if you are breastfeeding, you need to make sure you don’t get dehydrated.  I make sure I always have a glass of water by my side while nursing, this also keeps me feeling fresh!

Slow Down: Work slowly at getting back to your pre-pregnancy routine – there is no rush.  

Have Fun:  Running is pretty much the only time I spend away from my baby, so if I wasn’t enjoying it, it would not be worth it.  Make sure the exercise you are doing is fun and sweaty so you don’t get bored!

Embrace:  Embrace your changed body – you have just carried a baby for nine months and now you are using it to care for your baby – look after it and love it for the wonderful work it is doing.


Following pregnancy and birth I have also realised the importance of taking some time out for me – 15 minutes to read a book in the bath, an evening run or just a hot cup of tea and a magazine. It is important to make some time just for you to relax so you are raring to go for another day or night with your little one.

This week has also seen the launch of Blushberry Botanicals, offering a new and beautifully designed range of lip balms that are available to buy online.  They are fab, they look and feel great and if you are like me and don’t go anywhere without a lip balm these are a perfect vegan alternative to vaseline and chapsticks!

I’m back…

It’s a whole quick month since I last updated the faldaeats blog.  Why you might ask?  Well for those of you who didn’t know Andrew and I had a beautiful baby girl who is totally thriving and at just five weeks she is the bonniest, breast fed, vegan baby ever.  Okay so I am rose tinted, but seriously, she is wonderful!

This week the British Medical Journal published a study from Glasgow University that shows that diabetes can be put into remission.  And that by doing so a whole lot of associated consequences are dealt with including obesity, cardiovascular disease, amputations and of course massive savings for the NHS – an astounding £22 million a day (BBC)

So you can guess what I am going to say and repeat and repeat…get stuck into a new healthy lifestyle, lose some weight, enjoy some activity and do it all with a plant based diet so that you are high in nutrients and full to the brim.

Here I am back to running and tabata and almost pre baby weight.

Thank you for all your best wishes x

Have you seen the latest KFC advert?

I have, and it is disturbing!  

This advert consists of footage of a chicken walking around in a somewhat heroic and movie-esque fashion – with movie effects including smoke and some empowering music.  Of course for KFC, a fast food chain which mainly serves up deep fried chicken, the scene which is depicted in this ad is not only only a complete fabrication of the life that KFC chickens lead but it also appears to glorify the conditions of their chickens.

The chickens in the advert appear to have a lovely spacious home, clearly something which would be completely foreign to the millions of KFC chickens across the globe, estimated to live with around 34,000 per shed.  

Look, KFC and other fast food and supermarket brand chickens are kept in appalling conditions where they are routinely abused, killed and suffer horrifically with disease – If you don’t believe me check this out.

Further,  the advert ‘The Whole Chicken’ appears to imply something about using the whole chicken, so no waste perhaps and of course, the star of the movie looks super healthy.  However, we all know that this is not the case for chickens are pumped with antibiotics all of which end up in KFC family buckets.  

Additionally, although this advert is not claiming to promote health in KFC’S meals, the healthy looking, fleshy chicken could be seen as a healthy and nutritious meal.  However, on looking at the nutritional information on the KFC website we can see that just an extra crispy chicken breast and portion of potato wedges is going to set you back around 800 calories – without the sides and drink- check it out here.

So far the feedback on this latest ad campaign has been widely negative.  With the release of the new Netflix documentary ‘What The Health’ we are becoming more aware of the health and environmental impact that all meats including chicken are having on our quality and length of life.    

So, I ask you to imagine watching the same footage but with a puppy in place of the chicken – perhaps with an entertaining Andrex type video but imagine your disgust when the advert ends and you realise it was was for KFD (Kentucky Fried Dog) where you can get a battered dog leg for 99p and only 1300 calories.

And relax…

My exams finished this week which means I am finished with Uni!! A huge relief.  After lots of essay writing and revision I can now focus on preparing for the baby – it’s now less than 2 months until my due date!

I will also be spending some more time on the blog, working on some new content and of course we have released our new blog design  this week thanks to  the super talented Jilly Jilly .

19022397_860519520753303_9298688_o (1).jpg

But for now I am going to try and catch up on sleep, eat lots of food and enjoy being exam free.  

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