New year…same me.

A little bit late but happy New Year to everyone.  2017 was, without doubt, the most wonderful year for us.  We welcomed our beautiful little girl, Milne, in August and have had the best few months ever since.

While the New Year is a great opportunity to set yourself new goals and targets I am pleased that I live a sustainable and healthy life all year round and I have had no urge to cut anything out or give up any of my favourite things.

However, this year I am looking forward to upping my running mileage and hoping to take part in a marathon later in the year.  I am definitely re-looking at what we put into our bodies as a family.  Soon Milne is going to start eating solids and it is so important to us to introduce tasty fuel packed nutrition from the start.  We will be following Dr Greger’s “How Not To Die Cookbook” for inspiration.


The How Not To Die Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease

I am also going to use the new year as a starting point for setting some blogging goals, so let me know what you would like to hear about.

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How tiresome…

I had a great weekend on a photo shoot that I hope will show my followers the fun and health of plant based living.

It was just slightly marred last evening when I watched a BBC documentary that highlighted a woman telling her audience that eating cadbury’s chocolate was good for you and plant based “diets” were a fad and people like Ella Woodward, whose cookbooks I treasure were unhealthy and promoted eating disorders.

Really?  When was it that the BBC allowed skewed and scientifically dubious rants airplay without challenging such assertions by offering the other side of the story?

Why are we still listening to folk who don’t practice good health, care little for the environment and don’t seem to understand the negative moral, social and economic aspect of meat eating?


I would never suggest that carbohydrates should be left out of a diet nor that you should avoid a whole food group.  I might not eat cheese and milk but I know to ensure I have even better sources of calcium and vitamin D.   Of course we need a balanced diet and a great deal of care needs to be taken to achieve this.  But that is the case whether you are a meat eater or not.

I think the rise in obesity, diabetes and other related illnesses as a result of fizzy drinks and sugar and fat laden choices should be of far more concern than taking a slice out of people living a healthy and “balanced” lifestyle.

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Illness, Modelling and being Vegan…


There was a while when I thought I wanted to become a fashion model.  Following a pretty acute kidney infection that left me in intensive care for eight days and a recovery time estimated at more than six months I had achieved the gaunt, stick thinness of catwalk models.

So I spent a few months really trying to workout out how to break into the modelling world.

However it didn’t take too long to realise that I didn’t want to be that kind of model and anyway I was becoming pretty sick of feeling sick and tired trying to maintain an unhealthily skinny body.  Here are two photos of me from about two months after being discharged from hospital- my BMI was about 16.



It was at this time I started to grow my understanding of what nutrient dense eating was and that lead to an understanding of just how unhealthy it was to eat animals, having being brought up vegetarian and becoming vegan at 18  I was already more than aware of the unethical and cruel practices within the meat and animal produce industries which was cause enough for me to become plant based.

The science to refute the claim that the human body needs animal protein is not difficult to uncover these days so it seems crazy to most plant based folk, that other’s are still taken in by the meat industry’s claims.  The incontrovertible truth is that we humans do not need to eat animals.  This is strongly backed up by hundreds if not thousands of nutritionists across the globe.

If we don’t need to eat other animals then why on earth would we!  Why is it that most of the human population is either eating or aspiring to eat animals?  It is cruel, it’s unhealthy, it’s uneconomical, it causes social divides and the meat industry as a whole is accounting for the biggest aspect of environmental degradation the world over.

Well of course I know why – it’s because it’s big business and shareholders want their pretty penny.  That is why so much money is spent on sexing the industry up trying to make us believe that there are benefits of eating animals and scaring us with outlandish claims of what will happen to us, the animals and the workers within the industry if we don’t eat the meat produced.

And that is why so much of the real nasty side of the industry in kept hidden.  Just like in the fashion industry there is a real unpleasantness about it.

It’s no surprise to me when ordinary meat eaters watch Forks Over Knifes or Cowspiracy that they are utterly shocked.

Does anyone know the conversion rate of meat eaters to plant based eating after watching such films?  So far in my experience it’s 100%!

Check out this article from the Independent – What would happen if we stopped eating meat? 

Happy and healthy cooking

A couple of weeks ago Vita Coco sent me a box of their new coconut oil to try.  I love cooking with coconut oil as an alternative to olive oil.  And this sample did not disappoint.  The box came beautifully presented with lots of information about their products and the brand.



 Coconut oil is a great healthy alternative to normal cooking oils.  Many folk say a small amount of oil can reduce hunger and the fatty acids in coconut oil could also boost brain function.  So if you are going to use oil in cooking give this one a try.


Vita Coco Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 250 ml

 This week we have been thinking more about sustainable eating, over the weekend I bought a ton of fresh fruit; watermelon, mangos, bananas and apples. Delicious however, reflecting on where these fruits come from (namely not Scotland) I decided to make a more conscious effort to buy local and in season fruit and vegetables, this is something my Mum has always done but I haven’t always listened to her (my bad) but it is better for the environment and better for local producers. I can’t wait for the berry season to get started so I can fill up on raspberries and strawberries.  But you can also go out and pick, for free, brambles and blueberries.


Fruit bowl


After attending a conference about Scotland becoming a ‘good food nation’ we have definitely adopted the drive to eat more sustainably and over the next few weeks I will be trying to source as much of my food locally.   Look on Instagram to see what I eat in the week!


And mum is really enjoying her new Deliciously Ella cook book – you can get it here…

Deliciously Ella Every Day: Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life


 We are going to review our new ASICS Gel-Fujitrabuco 3 hybrid trail shoes in a few days, so far so good….

ASICS Gel-Fujitrabuco 3, Men’s Trail running Shoes