Dreaming of fitness in the sun….

Last week  we had  wonderful weather in Scotland and only one day of rain- it’s been fantastic!

It was great to get out at the start of the week for some longer walks and a few super slow but  lovely runs with Andrew.  Unfortunately in a few months I know the weather will be changing again and we will likely face a long and wet Scottish winter.  

Last year i was lucky enough to visit Mum in Andalucia twice over winter and packed the weeks full of long runs and strength training.  It was amazing to get some winter sun and enjoying getting fit outside.  I won’t be able to jet off as easily this winter with a new baby and all the change that will bring but I am delighted to be working in partnership with Dunbar-Morley Associates to bring you fitness and wellness retreats in Andalucia.  

For more information on luxury fitness and wellness this winter look here!

Get fit…

At 36 weeks pregnant I am pleased to have managed to keep up with my running and I am still managing around four short runs a week with Andrew.  Our midwife is really happy about this and thinks it will help with a healthy labour.


I have, of course, put on a fair amount of weight over the past eight months and the thought of maintaining fitness levels and getting back into my pre-pregnancy shape is slightly daunting.  However, I am feeling confident that if I listen to my body in the weeks and months following the birth I will be able to lose some excess weight and gain back some muscle tone in a healthy and sustainable way.  If you have any tips on getting back your pre-pregnancy fitness let me know.

As I will be busy at home with a new baby and all the challenges that this will bring, most of my exercise will be done in my living room and in the Scottish rain which can be slightly demoralising sometimes.  

If like me you dream of being able to get fit in beautiful and sunny surroundings why don’t you check out our wellness and fitness courses for Winter 2017/18 or if your getting fit for your big day why not check out our Wedding Glow package which we have been working on in partnership with Weddings Andalucia.  Getting fit has never been so much fun!


Exciting News…

This year falda_eats has partnered up with Dunbar Morley Associates to bring you Fitness and Wellbeing retreats.  

This winter, Dunbar Morley Associates will be hosting a series of wellness and fitness courses, including: healthy plant based weeks in the sun, a yoga for beginners retreat and health and happiness week with special guest Dr Nicola McNally.

Available winter 2017/18, keep an eye out for more exciting information.  Keep up to date on Instagram and Facebook.


Mum has a makeover…

Mum had a fantastic day with Kimberley in the Spanish sun having a make-over. Anyone who knows mum, knows this is not a usual happening for her but she really enjoyed it and she loved the product line Younique.  
Sarah, Kimberly’s friend is a Younique presenter and did the duo their fab makeovers, pointing out the flaws in mum’s non existent face protection regime in the sun.
Mum liked the concept of the Younique company which aims to empower women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents giving real help and support and hope for their futures
Not only is Younique an empowering direct sales company, with a low entry fee, it pays good commission, the products are, mum understands,  largely vegan  and from mums own admission “the make up feels really good”.
So if you are interested in the products or becoming a representative get in touch directly with Sarah on facebook.
I think both mum and Kimberley were looking pretty good before their makeover but what stunners they were after – thanks to Sarah and her great products!

Heart-full or Heart-less?

This week we have listened to daft excuses from coffee drinkers that they can’t either a) pay an additional 25p for their takeaway hot beverage to accommodate the environmental cost of their “disposable” cups OR b) they don’t want to be carrying a “permanent” cup for filling up repeatedly,  for around £3.50 OR c) they won’t take their own flask of coffee with them.

Meanwhile we still have the vast majority of people in the West and increasingly in developing countries, eating up the Earth’s resources, polluting everything in sight for the sake of gorging on animal meat that we don’t even need, unless you live in an Igloo and you have no other recourse than to eat creatures from the sea (which is not the case for most of us!)

What to do, what to do?  How about taking a bit of responsibility and investing in equality and social cohesion?  How about aiming to live in a cruelty free and heart-full not heart-less society?

How about focusing on a wee bit of common human decency that is humane and moral.



Plant-based retreats…

Lithy and I had a great weekend visiting mum in Spain for Mother’s Day.  The weather wasn’t great but we were high up in the olive grove hills north of Malaga and it was really peaceful.  A trip to Cordoba to visit the third largest Mosque in the World was awesome.  On Sunday Lithy made Mother’s Day pancakes and we had them with strawberries and lemon – fabulous.

We also visited an amazing villa where Mum is hosting all inclusive nutrient rich plant based retreats throughout May.  These retreats will introduce plant based eating to improve health and well-being.  Working in small groups and one-to-one you will work out your own six week plan with online backup. And have an amazing inspirational, relaxing holiday.

If you are interested in long term health and also want to shed a few pounds before summer get in touch with Mum (Susan) directly:  contact@dunbarmorley.com.  


I will also be on hand helping out although I might be waylaid by the baby.  Every day I can feel more movement and morning sickness has been replaced by lower back aches.  Warm baths and gentle strolls seen to be the order of the day.  

Thank goodness my diet is really healthy.  The amount of food I am packing away right now would have me the size of a tank if I was eating badly.   I just can’t get enough and there is no way I will be slowing down anytime soon!

Another happy week…

What a great week. The baby is kicking, my grandma called to see how I was doing with my pregnancy and I’m off to see mum in Spain soon with Lithy. Overall, though, I feel I’m bursting with health. Okay, yeah, the hormones get to me sometimes and I get a wee bit weepy, but “happy” weepy!


I was thinking about an article I remember reading a couple of years ago. It recounted how so called “vegan” parents were charged with abuse because their child was admitted to hospital with a degenerative bone disease which was attributed to the “vegan” diet she had been fed from birth.

Now, I don’t doubt that the physicians were right with their diagnosis – who am I to argue against the medical establishment?  However, my view and practice of living a “vegan” lifestyle is synonymous to me with good health and happiness.

My diet is based around my increasing knowledge of the importance of the range of nutrients that I need to consume to ensure that I maintain optimum health for both myself and the baby.

And my approach to activity is the same.  Sure, I can train for a marathon from time to time and that is a great mental and physical challenge (admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea). On a day to day basis, though, I practice a sustainable level of exercise.  I build it into my daily living. For example, instead of driving or using public transport  walk to work and walk to the shops, carrying my shopping home.  For some folk that would be enough, others might like to add in some yoga or swimming.

Returning to the “abusive” parents above. Surely it is not irresponsible to bring a child up plant based, but rather it is irresponsible to feed a child badly, isn’t it?  Let me know what you think….

Mum has started a new blog check it out here 

This week she is talking about so called “non treat” days.


Getting my 10 a day…


When I start my day with my favourite big green smoothie I am getting at least four of my 10 portions of fruit of veg into me right at the start.

(10 portions is the recommendations from a new study led by Imperial College London)

By lunchtime I will have added at least another two, snacking on an apple or carrots with maybe a veg filled burrito or hearty vegetable soup (or both) at lunch – another two added.

Homeward bound I might go for a mango before my run and then I will polish of a huge salad with dinner maybe with falafel or veg sausages, a further three or more.

So on an average day I easily eat at least 12 portions of fruit and vegetables.  Add to this my daily portions of beans, lentils, rice and nuts and I just don’t usually have space left in me to worry about eating sugary or fatty stuff.

But if I wanted to I would because for one, I am human and just sometimes I want to, two I am pregnant and have cravings and three, well sometimes there is a celebration like a birthday or wedding or just a night out and less healthy foods are available and I don’t want to say “no thanks”.

The balance of my diet is firmly in the “well healthy” quadrant – what about yours?

Mum has started a new blog check it out here.

This week she is talking about the sustainability of the foods served in schools and hospitals.


My motto – keep it simple!


Being pregnant is really sharpening my focus on healthy eating, not just while I am pregnant but how I can sustain this focus when the baby comes.  I know I won’t have as much time to focus just on me because I anticipate that the “wee one”  will take up a considerable amount of my attention and energy however I am determined to maintain my good healthy practices as easily as possible.

So I have created a very simple guide for my daily diet below.    This gives me a nutrient stuffed base of 1300 calories and I top that up to 1800 with additional snacks of either nuts, popcorn, toast and jam or anything else I crave. And on days I run I add a second portion of grains.  My motto – keep it simple!

These numbers are approx

Daily base 1300 calories Calories Protien gms
avocado 320 4
100g beans (red, pinto, chickpeas etc 310 18
30g nuts and seeds 200 4.5
100g wild rice, quinoa etc 310 15
1 kg veg + fruit 200 3
Totals 1340 44.5

As many readers know I have been popping over to Malaga from time to time in the past year to visit mum.  I come back every time healthier and refreshed and usually with weight loss which I don’t even notice happening (although not now I’m pregnant).  This is because of mum’s amazing nutrient dense, plant based meals and the walks and runs we enjoy together.

Now you can enjoy a vegan or wellness holiday organised by mum in the Andalucian hills north of Malaga as well!  These are luxury, all inclusive retreats (just like my stays with her!) with airport transfers, all meals, massage and daily yoga.  There are also workshops and one-to-one sessions with therapist Nicola McNally on the Wellness Weeks.


You can also tailor a week to suit the needs of groups.  For example if you want to focus on learning about plant based nutrient eating that is sustainable for the long term, mum will run workshops  where you will learn about nutrition and how to make simple menus.  You will also develop a six week plan to carry on with.  AND daily yoga and massage are thrown in as well!  To find out more visit Art and Activity Holidays, Andalucia, Spain