Hello again…

It’s been awhile since I last posted, the past few weeks have been super busy and ridiculously wonderful.  Milne is growing so fast and doing so many exciting new things – like pulling herself up, standing unaided (ok, for maybe just 5 seconds, but still!) I thought I would give you a wee update on what we are up to and what we are going to be getting up to…


March has flown by, we started off with LOTS of snow days for Andrew which meant A LOT of fun for the three of us and some sledging.  It was Andrews birthday at the start of the month and we had a wonderful weekend celebrating. If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I have signed up for my next marathon in Leiden on May 27th – really not long to go – so I have been ramping up the training this month and getting out on some longer runs.


We have also discovered a new favourite pastime – swimming!  Milne loves water and we are having such lovely mornings splashing around in the water together.  Unfortunately our yoga teacher is on holiday for six weeks so we have been practicing at home instead and I completed a 30 day yoga challenge which left me feeling refreshed and chilled every morning!


Last week we took a trip to Grandpa which was a perfect few days of running, walks and really good food.  We are looking forward to a few days with Granny next month and a fun filled Easter weekend with my little sister.    I am going to be whipping up a few things from the How Not to Die Cookbook which is definitely worth checking out for some delicious and VERY nutritious food.

The How Not To Die Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease

For now, its an early night with our wee one who has just eaten all her peas and sweet potato before bath and bedtime.



I’m back…

It’s a whole quick month since I last updated the faldaeats blog.  Why you might ask?  Well for those of you who didn’t know Andrew and I had a beautiful baby girl who is totally thriving and at just five weeks she is the bonniest, breast fed, vegan baby ever.  Okay so I am rose tinted, but seriously, she is wonderful!

This week the British Medical Journal published a study from Glasgow University that shows that diabetes can be put into remission.  And that by doing so a whole lot of associated consequences are dealt with including obesity, cardiovascular disease, amputations and of course massive savings for the NHS – an astounding £22 million a day (BBC)

So you can guess what I am going to say and repeat and repeat…get stuck into a new healthy lifestyle, lose some weight, enjoy some activity and do it all with a plant based diet so that you are high in nutrients and full to the brim.

Here I am back to running and tabata and almost pre baby weight.

Thank you for all your best wishes x