Dance like Milne’s watching…

Who else got a little bit of cabin fever over the past week?  The snow was lovely but it really does stop you getting on with your usual activities.  In saying that I did get out on one “blizzardy” mega fun run as well as managing lots of super sweaty workouts and yoga every day – and sledging for the first time in many years!  

However I am super pleased to be back to full action this week starting with a 5k run with Milne in her Thule Running Pram (thanks Mum!) and a session of swimming with our little monkey splashing around everywhere which thoroughly tired us all out.

I often find myself feeling under a bit of pressure to be super productive during the day even if it is just keeping up with the housework, with a six month old, it sometimes feels like I have been on the go ALL day by the time Andrew walks through the door at teatime.  So this week I am trying to relax a little with Milne and take some time for ourselves without any fast paced activities. So lots of gentle runs, meditation, yoga in our playroom and of course; lots of dancing around the kitchen together.


I love putting some music on when we are waiting for Andrew to come home and really letting go and letting my body move to the music – sometimes with Milne on my hip and other times with her watching and laughing from the sofa or her high chair – either way it’s the perfect way to unwind and chill out at the end of a busy day.  So, this week my goal is to dance every morning and every evening just as if Milne is watching, well… she really is!




Feeding Milne…bananas

At almost six months old Milne has been exclusively breast fed up to now.  NHS  Scotland recommends that babies should be at least half a year old before they are introduced to solids, you can find their reasoning here.

So what to feed her?

We have found some helpful information for weaning a vegan baby onto solids which I will share below.  

28034514_10212348963702786_2008053383_oGiven that Milne is a super curious baby anyway we have been showing her lots of different fruits and veggies so she can feel and smell them.  However we are starting her off nicely with mashed bananas.  On-going I will share with you her weaning journey, what foods work and those that we find don’t – I am guessing there will be various reasons.  

I have just un-boxed my baby Nutribullet and we are looking forward to using it to whip up lots of tastes for our little monkey.

To follow the fun you can find me on youtube here and instagram here..



Check this out from the First Steps Nutrition Trust

Check this out for information on your baby’s first solid food. 

Check out this information on Forks over Knifes.