Get fit…

At 36 weeks pregnant I am pleased to have managed to keep up with my running and I am still managing around four short runs a week with Andrew.  Our midwife is really happy about this and thinks it will help with a healthy labour.


I have, of course, put on a fair amount of weight over the past eight months and the thought of maintaining fitness levels and getting back into my pre-pregnancy shape is slightly daunting.  However, I am feeling confident that if I listen to my body in the weeks and months following the birth I will be able to lose some excess weight and gain back some muscle tone in a healthy and sustainable way.  If you have any tips on getting back your pre-pregnancy fitness let me know.

As I will be busy at home with a new baby and all the challenges that this will bring, most of my exercise will be done in my living room and in the Scottish rain which can be slightly demoralising sometimes.  

If like me you dream of being able to get fit in beautiful and sunny surroundings why don’t you check out our wellness and fitness courses for Winter 2017/18 or if your getting fit for your big day why not check out our Wedding Glow package which we have been working on in partnership with Weddings Andalucia.  Getting fit has never been so much fun!


Two years since our perfect day…

It’s now just over two years since our perfect wedding day.  I had always wanted to get married in the sun and without a destination wedding I just couldn’t guarantee it!

We had a quick eight month engagement which didn’t give us much time to plan our perfect wedding day.  I loved every moment of the planning and I could not have asked for a more wonderful wedding week in Rome.  However, it would have been a lot easier with a dedicated team of people to look after our special occasion.

11834709_555237601281498_8797577933027568400_o (1)

This year Dunbar Morley Associates have launched new wedding packages to do just that in the hills of Andalucia, Southern Spain, with stunning scenery and beautiful sunshine, your special day could be spent in one of the beautiful properties that have been hand selected with a team of people to help you create those special moments.

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